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Josh Jonas is a native of Huntington in Long Island, New York. He currently is Director at The Village Institute for Psychotherapy in Manhattan, NY, where he also practices as a psychotherapist.  

Josh specializes in trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction and couples therapy.  He also runs group therapy throughout the year. Josh works with a diverse overall patient base and his current focus is to make mental health and psychotherapy a pillar in healthcare. Additionally, he sees an urgency to draw focus to everything that is happening to men (suicide, drug addiction, depression) into a new light in order to make psychotherapy an accessible option, to remove the stigma and to present it for men so that they can actually utilize the resources. Follow Josh here to see how he is working to make mental health a part of men's health. 

See some of Josh's recent articles on the subject here.

Josh began his professional work with trauma and addiction at The Phoenix House in Queens, NY where he worked with his patients to deal with drug and alcohol addiction head on.  He has since practiced as a psychotherapist at the Village Institute for Psychotherapy since 2011. 

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