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Here it is, our interview with QuantumThink® Creator and the award winning author of the bestselling Do You Quantum Think, Dianne Collins.

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With the new ENLIGHTENED book out and featuring many in the Wellness Universe Community we thought it may be a good time to air this previous interview with Wellness Universe VIP's

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We hope you enjoy this inspirational episode with the highly inspirational Bob Burg and Coach Jim Johnson.

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He is the author of The Celestine Prophecy, a thought leader and the creator of The Celestine Vision. Hope you enjoy our conversation with bestselling author James Redfield.

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He is the founder of TUT and Notes From The Universe. He is also one of the most energetic speaker’s I have ever seen once he hits that stage. Tune in for our latest conversation with Mike Dooley.

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We hope you enjoy our re-play of our conversation with Smart Passive Income Founder Pat Flynn.

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We hope you enjoy our latest conversation with Social Media Expert Ted Coine.

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We hope you enjoy our conversation with Speaker, Author and EFT and Wellness Practitioner Ilyse Rothman. 

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We hope you enjoy the latest interview; this time with serial entrepreneur Rivers Corbett.

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We hope you enjoy this interview with Expect to be Empowered Founder MJ Domet.

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We hope you enjoy this latest interview; this time with Financial Planner Richard Russell.

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We hope you enjoy this latest interview with Dianne Gaudet of Inkiesta.

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We hope you enjoy this latest conversation with Conversation In Care Founder Tami Neumann.

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