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Hope you enjoy this latest episode featuring conversations with Mary Ann Marriott, Laura M. Lake and the founder of MinutemanPress in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 

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We hope you enjoy this latest episode of the Conversations With PASSION Radio Show!

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We hope you enjoy this new interview with Fort Edmonton Park Executive Director Bill Demchuk.

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Enjoy this latest episode with Art Fresh Branding Studio founder Elena Herweyer.

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Hope you enjoy this conversation with Sought After Speaker and Multiple Time Author Colleen H. Cole.

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Hope you enjoy the latest episode of Conversations With PASSION!, this time featuring Coach Mike Calderwood and NS based REALTOR Sandi Lee.

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We hope you enjoy this Conversation with International Business Trade Show Founder Nikki Jafari.

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Enjoy the latest episode of the Conversations With PASSION! Radio Show

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Enjoy this episode of Conversations with PASSION! featuring Conversations with Rob Campbell of Contact Atlantic, Paul Empey of In-Gaged Leadership, a Learning Forum Segment with Lorelei Phillips, and Conversations Author Jamie Macvicar, music by Meaghan Blanchard and a feature conversation with Psychologist Ken Pierce.

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Enjoy this clip in our insight under a minute series.

Special note: The minute doesn't include our intro and theme music :-)

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Enjoy the latest episode of Conversations With PASSION! featuring a passionate conversation with Chicken Soup Co-Creator Mark Victor Hansen, Social Media Influencer Ted Rubin, Golf and Fundraising specialist Blaise Curry and two time Olympic Gold Medalist Heather Moyse.

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This recent conversation features the Share Your Message Co-Authors.

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Conversations with PASSION! meets members of the Wellness Universe.

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Enjoy the latest episode of Conversations With Passion featuring a conversation with FISH Author Harry Paul, and authors Becky Smith and Jim Brown, and so much more.

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In this episode of Conversations With PASSION! the female leaders take over as we have conversations with the highly inspirational Candace Carnahan, Wake-Up TV co-hosts Natalie Ledwell and Cindy Ertman, Music Instructor Jenn Durrant and our feature conversation with multiple time New York Time's Best-Selling Author JJ Virgin.

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This episode of Conversations With PASSION! includes conversations with Singer / Songwriter Christine Campbell and Fitness Expert (and Insanity Program creator) Shaun T.

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Conversations With Passion this time around features conversations with Olympian Silken Laumann, Inspirational Musician Justin Hines and BBC Atlantic Director Beth Salmon Pye

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This episode of Conversations With PASSION! includes conversations With Dr. John DeMartini of the Demartini Institute, Wellness Coach Faythe Buchanan, Storyteller Margaret Magner of Magner Ink, and the various segments you've come to expect.

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This latest episode of Conversations With Passion includes conversations with Blogging for Coaches founder Steve Martile, Anxiety Coach's Podcast host Kevin Davis, Chatting With Champions Host and Entrrepreneur Tyler Basu, a song my Award Winning Singer / Songwriter Matt Andersen and special Guest, and Facebook specialist, Mari Smith.

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This episode of Conversations With Passion features conversations with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, Todd Weaver of Tremendous Life Radio, and World Famous Groupie Patti Johnsen.

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