Let's Do Influencing With Corey Poirier

I hope you enjoy this short update regarding the Let's Do Influencing Show :-)

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I hope you enjoy our interview with Marc MaWhinney of Natural Born Coaches and The Coaching Jungle.

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I hope you enjoy our conversation with Wes Schaeffer, the sales whisperer, where we discuss sales, business, entrepreneurship, myths, and indirectly, influence. Wes brings his A game - not to be missed!

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I hope you enjoy our interview with Author Dorie Clark, where she discusses the power of reinvention.

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I hope you enjoy our latest interview with Sandra Cooze

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I hope you enjoy this interview with Joyce Mills Blue.

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I hope you enjoy this interview with Lisa and Nancy of Big Blend and Bobbi of the 8 Keys of Excellence.

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I hope you enjoy our latest episode where we speak with Influencer Karie Millspaugh - at a time when she is working exclusively with 5-star Speakers (aka. Influencers)

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Here it is the latest episode, and what I learned during a recent interview with Coach Nick Pereira.

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I hope you enjoy our latest interview, this time with influencer and stunt coordinator, Colleen Pace.

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