Let's Do Influencing With Corey Poirier

Hope you enjoy this latest episode featuring conversations with Mary Ann Marriott, Laura M. Lake and the founder of MinutemanPress in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 

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We hope you enjoy this latest episode of the Conversations With PASSION Radio Show!

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We hope you enjoy this new interview with Fort Edmonton Park Executive Director Bill Demchuk.

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Enjoy this latest episode with Art Fresh Branding Studio founder Elena Herweyer.

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Hope you enjoy this conversation with Sought After Speaker and Multiple Time Author Colleen H. Cole.

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Hope you enjoy the latest episode of Conversations With PASSION!, this time featuring Coach Mike Calderwood and NS based REALTOR Sandi Lee.

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We hope you enjoy this Conversation with International Business Trade Show Founder Nikki Jafari.

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Enjoy the latest episode of the Conversations With PASSION! Radio Show

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Enjoy this episode of Conversations with PASSION! featuring Conversations with Rob Campbell of Contact Atlantic, Paul Empey of In-Gaged Leadership, a Learning Forum Segment with Lorelei Phillips, and Conversations Author Jamie Macvicar, music by Meaghan Blanchard and a feature conversation with Psychologist Ken Pierce.

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Enjoy this clip in our insight under a minute series.

Special note: The minute doesn't include our intro and theme music :-)

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